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Making Halloween Philanthropic

The holiday season is creeping up on us. But before we give thanks and spread good will, we’re greeted with little creepies at our door step. Halloween tradition dictates that children dress in costume and go door-to-door begging for candy, or offering a trick to those unwilling to comply. However, there are many possibilities for turning Halloween into a holiday of giving. Consider these ideas as you send your kids out into the neighborhood.

Treat the troops.
Go ahead and let your little goblins hit the streets but let them know that some of their spoils will go to the soldiers overseas. While snack items are welcomed, many communities organize a care package campaign that includes toiletries and other necessities for the troops.

Skip the treats and ask for cash.
Instead of asking for candy, raise a few dollars for your child’s favorite charity. You may want to let your neighbors know in advance and have some fliers ready to legitimize your cause. Make it a neighborhood event to get more children involved.

Host a Halloween party for a cause.
Organize a holiday party and encourage your guests to bring nonperishable food items to donate to your local food pantries as the organizations start preparing for Thanksgiving.

Give the treat of experience.
Many children don’t get to participate in Halloween activities. Donate pumpkins and decorating materials to organizations so everyone has a chance to carve a pumpkin. Find old costume materials so they can dress up and have their own Halloween party.