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Oh, the Places You’ll Volunteer

The earliest parts of the summer mark truly exciting times for people in your community—especially kids, and those who are graduating from high school.

Few things are more exciting than saying goodbye to the school that took some of the most awkward and rewarding years of your life. Getting older and taller, starting to drive and date, and then maybe even getting your heart broken. We all remember.

Now what do your kids, cousins, nieces/nephews or friends do with their lives now? You can’t forget the whole “the world is your oyster” bit, so help out by being encouraging—especially to give back to the community that gave them so much.

Head to the Hills, or Maybe Just a Camp
Summer is notorious for being filled with various types of camps, most suited for a community’s youngsters who have three months of freedom. Whatever your area, you’re bound to find a camp to lend your time. Some of these might last the whole summer, but others can be just a week or 2 to 3. Don’t let these blocks of time be discouraging. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be refreshing, especially for one that’s soon headed off to college.

Stay in School(s)
These new graduates might be out of school, but there are kids of all ages waiting to get where they are, and so are the schools. The schools in your community use the summer to get ready for the next year. New textbooks, desks or other items might be coming in, so this can be a good way to help out local schools—even if you didn’t go there. Also, the school district could use some help with summer programs, so give them a call and see what your kids can do to help.

Don’t Jump Over the Gap Year
There’s a good chance that your graduate will move on to more education post high school. But remember, it might not be for everyone—at least not right away. Try not to take the notion of a gap year too hard. Instead, continue to encourage good deeds to fill their time.

This year can be instrumental on how the following years impact their life, so it’s important for recent graduates to fill it with positive experiences. When taking time off, a mission trip can be an amazing choice. These don’t need to be as exotic as you might think, but some traveling will be involved. There are so many other communities around the world that need our help, so using a gap year to help one of them could be something recent graduates remember forever.

Let these ideas soak in, wait for the tassels to flip sides and then encourage your community’s youth to use their newfound freedom to do some good.