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Join the World for a Day of Social Justice

Every day, thousands of children across the nation recite the words “liberty and justice for all.” The notion of “justice for all” is tremendous and far-reaching. But unfortunately, there are many people who don’t receive the justice that they deserve.

February 20 marks the day many come together to celebrate World Day of Social Justice. And you can get involved to be the change that you’d like to see in your community. Below are the objectives of the day as well as ways that you can help make a difference. Do good for your community and the society you live in by practicing the following improvements.

Eliminate Poverty
Hunger faces many communities, and sometimes it even disguises itself. Although you can’t single-handedly eliminate hunger, you can take a step in the right direction. Start with your own community. Something as simple as donating canned food items to a food bank can help make a difference in the poverty levels in your community.

Invite a neighbor out to dinner who is struggling to make ends meet. Start a backpack program at a local school that helps send food home with children whose parents can’t afford it on the weekend. Volunteer your time at a local homeless shelter. No matter how you choose to help fight poverty, even the tiniest step is moving in the right direction.

Promote Employment Rights
Use this day as an opportunity to do good in the workplace. Embrace the idea of promoting employment rights and make sure everybody in the office feels that their voices are heard. If you’re a leader in the office, it’s a good idea to educate your employees so they are well versed in their rights and other social justice problems.

Gender Equity
Different forms of abuse occur as a result of gender inequality for both men and women. Work to spread the word about safe havens for victims of domestic abuse and violence. And if there aren’t outlets for help in your community, find a way to establish them. Even if you end up helping or reaching just one person, the reward is boundless.

Social Well-Being
Social well-being exists when the basic human necessities are met and people can peacefully live together in society. It’s as easy as purchasing bottled water for people who need clean drinking water, or making a donation to an organization whose social work you trust. Rally together your community to make sure you live in a clean environment. The opportunities to improve social well-being are limitless, from the biggest efforts to the smallest act.